What is JanusVR?

We offer two products, JanusVR and JanusWEB, which allow users to experience the internet as never before.
In Janus users are able to explore endless content, literally walking or flying through the internet with others or on their own. With Multiplayer enabled, users are able to see, talk, chat and interact with users visiting the same webspace as them. Our growing user/developer community has built thousands of diverse webspaces to explore, with content ranging from art to architecture, education, movies, games and live entertainment.

JanusVR v58.0

JanusVR is our standalone browser/editor for the 3D web. With physically-based rendering, real time physics, spatialized audio and a customizable interface, JanusVR delivers a premium desktop browsing experience for users of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and even traditional 2D displays.

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Windows 64-bit

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JanusWEB is our webGL-based version of JanusVR. JanusWEB runs within existing web browsers without having to download or install anything. JanusWEB has support for mobile VR hardware (Carmel+GearVR/Chrome+Daydream), and is easy to embed within traditional 2D webpages and social feeds.

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