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JanusVR's Vision:

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What if the Internet were a real place? Virtual Reality comes to web browsing:

TORONTO - We are proud introduce a major release of JanusVR, an immersive web browsing and design platform that reinvents the Internet as a connected network of 3-dimensional spaces. Users can experience JanusVR using virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift, or on a conventional computer.

JanusVR completely transforms Internet surfing, providing users with a multi-dimensional, collaborative browsing and building experience.

Through JanusVR, websites become 3D spaces interconnected by portals. Users navigate, explore, collaborate and create content through a combination of traditional keyboard-and-mouse input, controllers, voice and gestures.

"Internet content has moved well beyond traditional text, image and video," said Karan Singh, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto and JanusVR's co-creator. "Now people can experience rich three-dimensional models, animations, immersive audio and video, and amazing data visualizations in an intuitive VR context."

JanusVR comprises a suite of free, downloadable programs that make it simple to create, share and experience virtual-reality Internet content. The suite includes:

JanusVR: Our flagship product includes a web browser and authoring tools for creating JanusVR web content. All existing web content can be viewed in VR and can also be transformed or re-interpreted interactively within JanusVR.

web.janusvr: Our webGL-based version of JanusVR, allows users to experience virtual-reality Internet content directly through an existing browser running on a computer, mobile device, or in VR.

presence.janusvr: Our open-source server software is the social and collaborative foundation of JanusVR. It allows users to see, interact and collaborate with each other in virtual browing space.

janus markup + javascript: Content in JanusVR builds on existing web markup and protocols. This product allows the creation of rich dynamic immersive web experiences using XML like markup and javascript.

export.janusvr: Our extensive suite of tools exports rich 3D experiences from popular modeling, animation and gaming software engines like Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya and Sketch-up and imports them into JanusVR.

vesta.janusvr: A free web-hosting and content-sharing community, vesta is tightly integrated with JanusVR allowing users to build, store and share their JanusVR content directly from within JanusVR.

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