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    3D Internet Browser for Windows/Mac/Linux

JanusVR - The World Inside the Web.

JanusVR combines the power of the internet with the potential of virtual reality. Websites become immersive spaces linked by portals, where users can explore, collaborate and create content on a platform that builds upon the open internet.

Download - (Version 52.1) (changelog)

Frequently Asked Questions Tips and Tricks for Janus users new and old!


A Beginner's Guide to JanusVR

The essentials for new users, all in one place.

Popular Webspaces

A reddit community hosting the freshest JanusVR experiences. Tons of content to explore!


JanusVR Markup Language

The JanusVR Markup Language allows for users to easily and flexibly create spatial environments within JanusVR. The XML can be utilized on any HTML document, and can even be utilized in conjunction with server-side PHP.

Javascript Support

Interaction in JanusVR is easy and accessible for developers. Whether you're looking to create a game, work on a simulation, or develop an educational experience, the possibilities are endless.

The Content Creator's Guide to JanusVR

A quick and easy guide for getting started with creating your own worlds, with how-to guides, developer resources and even starter templates.

Helpful Tools for Developers

  1. FireVR - A Blender to JanusVR exporter w/auto IPFS publishing
  2. Sketchup2Room - Sketchup to JanusVR exporter
  3. Unity to JanusVR - Export Unity scenes as JanusVR Markup Language
  4. Unreal to JanusVR - Export Unreal scenes as JanusVR Markup Language
  5. Maya to JanusVR - Export Maya scenes as JanusVR Markup Language


JanusVR Presence Server Project

The Presence Server does everything that HTTP cannot. It handles all the social interaction, avatars, and collaborative building capabilities of JanusVR rooms. Each website is free to supply their own instance of the server, and even modify its open source code to their liking.


JanusVR Reddit Community

The JanusVR community share ideas, experiences, rooms and helpful hints. It's a great place to go to learn what's new around the block.


Vesta is the simple way to get started with creating 3D webspaces for JanusVR. Vesta provides free content hosting and sharing, and an easy environment in which to create content.

Press and Media

The JanusVR crew has been all over the place talking about the future of VR and the web! Below are some instances of JanusVR in the press. If you need a logo for an article, head over to our logo gallery.